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Pink On Purpose: Breast Cancer Awareness Photoshoot

Breast cancer awareness month is an annual international campaign organized by major breast cancer charities to bring awareness to the realities of breast cancer. This month, many women are recognized and empowered for their strength and power in surviving and battling breast cancer. It is a beautiful thing to recognize and cherish the women around us that exude power and beauty even when obstacles arise and challenge their lives. This is something that can be celebrated every day, especially to the lovely women in our circles and in our families.

On Saturday, October, 30, Amazing 102.5 FM took part in breast cancer awareness month and conducted a photoshoot event, "Pink on Purpose," to celebrate and uplift breast cancer survivors and warriors who have battled or are still battling with cancer. It was an amazing turnout, no pun intended, with eight survivors and warriors, who all got their hair and makeup done by hairstylists, Takia Scott with Sophisticated Images, Autumn Ayri with Lady Ayri, and MUA, AnnMarie with AnneMarie Dolls. After hair and makeup, they were led to their own photoshoots with photographer, Cassidy Boi.

Each of the ladies had their own playlists for their shoots so they could dance and have fun, and oh did they do that. Aside from the photos and makeovers, there was food provided by Russo’s New York Pizzeria, Starbucks, and Cake station, and there were helpers during every step from Travis high school and Houston’s helping hands.

There was a collective effort in this event, Amazing worked together with Urban Glimpse to help with the execution of the event and myself to help with the creative direction of the shoot. From the ladies’ remarks and overall positive feedback, the event came out better than hoped.

These women felt pampered and empowered and that’s exactly what we wanted, to create that acknowledgment of knowing that no matter what cancer has tried to tell them, their beauty always remains.

Every step of the way there was laughter, uplifting, partnership, dancing. It was a moment these women could feel stress-free and beautiful.

On behalf of Amazing 102.5 FM, thank you to everyone who took part in this shoot. and thank you to the women who allowed us to spread our love and positivity to you. You guys are strong, powerful, sexy, delicate, and worth every drop of attention and love. Celebrate those around you, the women in your family, or in your circles who have shown you what it means to be a survivor. (Photo was taken by Cassidy Boi. Top Row: Jocely Stokes, Donna Laws, Gwendolyn Baylis, Ardette Creek, Bottom Row: Waitee Smith, Kimberly Gant.)

- JayhlinMichele

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