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AMAZING 102.5 FM Is Searching for the Most Talkative Young Adults

#QTNA (QUESTIONS THAT NEED ANSWERS) is Now Accepting Applications

[HOUSTON, TEXAS – JULY 29, 2022] 

Young Adults, come and express your creativity and learn skills that can

propel you into your future career in journalism, and entertainment. 


KMAZ-LP Amazing 102.5 FM Powered by Bread of Life Inc. has developed a new program to kick off the new school year! Participants will learn all aspects of broadcast radio from on-air production to engineering from experts in the business, including many other vital skills like coordinating interviews, social media management, event coverage, and navigating through basic entertainment contracts and legal documents. Hosts of #QTNA will broadcast live every Friday from 6 PM to 7 PM on Amazing 102.5 FM, YouTube, & Facebook. In addition to the live radio show, youth will have a weekly hour mentorship time with various professionals in the industry and other professional fields. Young adults will leave the program with the knowledge, credentials, and connections to pursue further opportunities and internships or to impress college recruiters. Young adults will gain employable skills in the areas of communication, organization, leadership, writing, collaboration, technology, thinking skills, reliability and a specific set of broadcasting skills that include production, directing, interviewing and operating a radio board.


“This program is important because it will allow a safe space for youth and young adults to communicate in an open dialogue about issues that are affecting the underserved community. Topics such as Unintentional Injuries, Violence, Mental Health,

HIV/ Aids, Undernutrition and Obesity will be at the forefront of their discussions.

This show will be the trusted source of valid information as it relates to the aforementioned subjects,”

~ Amanda Sapp "General Manager"


KMAZ-LP Amazing 102.5 FM is seeking young adults for this program,

via virtual casting call:


Applications are open now to young adults ages 18-24, via a virtual casting call. 


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