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Fifth Ward Chamber OF Commerce organizes 2nd annual Charity Golf Tournament

Fifth Ward Chamber of Commerce has its 2nd annual Charity Golf Tournament at the exclusive country club, Magnolia Creek Golf Club. With 13 teams signed up, the sweltering summer day was filled with competition, food, awards, and raising money.

Fifth Ward Chamber of Commerce has adopted C-STEM for their 2nd annual Golf Tournament to receive a portion of the proceeds raised. Changing curriculum one school at a time for over 20 years, the organization aims to incorporate communication, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics into schools in the fifth ward areas.

“Our passion has been helping underserved communities have high-quality STEM experiences, investing in the teachers and children,” said Dr. Regan Flowers, President, and CEO of C-STEM Teacher and student support services.

Helping underserved communities is the overall goal of these charity events by the Fifth Ward Chamber of Commerce. To give others the motivation to be a part of this year's golf tournament was held at an exclusive country club, Magnolia Creek Golf Club. The organization offered a large golf course, access to golf carts, and hours of golfing services. These facilities brought in interested golfers of all levels and backgrounds to not only enjoy a game of golf but give back to those underserved communities represented.

“I grew up with service in my heart and I am always looking for an opportunity to give back to the community, and this is one small way in which we do, just to participate and show that we are good community partners,” said Judge Eric Carter with Justice of the Peace in Harris County, Precinct 1, voice 1.

With its 2nd annual Charity Golf Tournament, the Fifth Ward Chamber of Commerce has continued to follow through with its mission. Not only is the chamber working to bring businesses back to the fifth ward at a time when the area is trending, but the organization is working to ensure that the people currently living and working in those areas are concurrent with their skill sets for the jobs they have through proper training.

“It is a real passion to help the community, to help the schools, and to help the underserved,” said Bridgett M. Dorian, President of Fifth Ward Chamber of Commerce.

Fifth Ward Chamber of Commerce was created to aid in the navigation of real-world world needs for young people, and for the community. That is why charity events like this year's Golf Tournament not only provide an enjoyable experience for those attending, but it brings the focus on the realities of underserved communities like the fifth ward.

“A part of our mission is to take young people and teach them how to be entrepreneurs as well, so the marriage between C-STEM and Fifth Ward Chamber is a perfect match. We are taking these young people who, some do not have a lot of direction or desire to do certain things, and we are helping them realize the world is your oyster,” added one of the founding board members of Fifth Ward Chamber of Commerce, Gerald M. Shealey.

By JayhlinMichele
- 09/26

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