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Unveiling Unity: The Impact of Houston's Ramus-Temenos Building Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Updated: Mar 11

Written by: Bella Bright

In a landmark event on February 28th, The Temenos Community Development Corporation celebrated the grand opening of the Rasmus-Temenos Building in the fight against homelessness. This initiative offers 95 affordable housing units, marking a significant stride towards providing permanent solutions for those in need.

The event drew a diverse crowd, including building residents and key stakeholders, signaling widespread support for this transformative project.

At 70% capacity, the building is a crucial resource for those seeking shelter and stability.

The event featured powerful speeches from individuals instrumental in bringing the project to fruition.

Their words resonated with hope, unity, and a shared commitment to creating positive change for those experiencing homelessness.

Notably, an exclusive interview with Juanita Rasmus provided valuable insights into the significance of the Rasmus-Temenos Building for her.

“This has been a life of work,” she remarked. “Hopefully, it will set a model for our city to do the best you can ... Meeting the needs of those around you with what you have, wherever you are.”

The community celebrates this milestone because its reminder of what can be achieved through collective effort and a shared vision.

The Rasmus-Temenos Building stands as a symbol of legacy, unity, and progress.

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Please find a recap video below:

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