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House of Yere Fashion Show: More than just fashion

Fashion is something that has brought many people together, from designers to organizers, to models, to fashion lovers. All have come together to create something beautiful. I got the chance to work on behalf of The New Amazing 102.5FM, at The 8th annual House of Yere Fashion Show.

If you are unfamiliar with House of Yere, let me properly introduce this amazing organization to you. This fashion entertainment company is a non-profit charity that produces events to “empower and encourage” the youth and the community as a whole. The CEO Chinyere Christy(“Yere”), has done a beautiful job of incorporating the three things that she loves most, fashion, giving back, and cherishing her African roots. Creating organizations such as Fashion to Feed, where free fitness and fashion workshops are provided to young girls and boys all over the continent of Africa, as well as The Yere Power Dinner which is a platform for young entrepreneurs to network and fellowship in a “nurturing environment.” This fashion show was a part of these wonderful works. Not only was it full of beautiful pieces, people, and amazing music, it was a charity event, which made the experience even more fulfilling.

I had never gone to a House of Yere Fashion show because all of the previous shows had been held in LA, but I was so excited to have been invited to correspond at this event. The art of fashion is something I have always loved and have been intrigued with because there is so much more to it than what meets the eye.

Throughout this time of quarantine and just all of the stressors that 2020 has brought on to people, being in the inviting environment of hardworking individuals was definitely empowering and freeing. Chinyere Christy brought on designers from different areas and gave them space to showcase their art.

After speaking with a few designers, such as Dymond Warren, from @dhaleterdesigns, on the left, I felt their passion for their work. It was truly inspiring.

When it comes to the outer shell of fashion, people don’t often think about the fact that there is more to the clothing than a breathtaking appearance. There is hard work, doubt, pride, happiness, that’s all wrapped up in each piece.

For some of these designers, their work had never been put on models until this opportunity reached them. That made me respect Chinyere even more. She has made a name for herself as a designer, CEO, and just overall boss, and instead of keeping that to herself, she spread that platform to other people she knew would work hard for it.

What I loved most about this fashion show was the variety. There were models ranging from all different ages, backgrounds, and ethnicities, modeling these amazingly designed outfits, such as Sakara Marie, on the right. At 12 years old, she was one of the younger models to appear in the show.

There was so much diversity from the fabrics each creator used to the styles that were presented. There was evening wear, daytime attire, women’s clothing, men’s clothing, even children’s clothing. The versatility in the show gave a little bit of something for everyone. The models would walk in with these beautiful gowns, or suits with intricate detailing, and vibrant colors with so much poise and swag. I was really impressed and pleased with how well the models and the designers communicated to bring the individual pieces to life.

Aside from the amazing designs that were shown on the runway, the biggest thing that stuck out to me was what was said by Yere. She said that one of the reasons she decided to start House of Yere was to “bridge the gap between Africans and African-Americans,” expressing that despite our different backgrounds, we are one and we have to come together. As a black woman, I could relate to that divide because there has always been a slight divide in the black community, and living in the world we live in, I’ve experienced a divide in the world as a whole. A Lot of people feel that division will create a space that is open for success and is bound to be the correct way to handle life, but the best way to create the purest form of success is to come together. To unite, and that’s exactly what happened because of this event. People stepped away from their busy schedules, or their lives as a whole to come out, enjoy a common denominator, and give back. That is what made this Fashion show worth attending.

I came into the event excited to find out what I would see, to be exposed to new designs, be in awe of how well the models pulled off each piece, and just remain even more intrigued with fashion, but I left with so much more than that. I left feeling powerful, I left feeling blessed, and I left feeling uplifted. Thank you to Chinyere Christy and House of Yere for inspiring me to be the best version of myself. I just want to leave you with two questions, what are you doing to uplift your community, and create unity and how has fashion changed your life? You think about that, and until next time, many blessings, peace.


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