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Collect It For The Culture Inspires Yet Again

Innovation. Thought-provoking. Opportunity. For the culture. These are just a few words that could be used to describe the art gallery that premiered in downtown Houston from January 29th- February 28th. Showcased in the 2-story building, which once hosted a Forever 21 clothing store, were captivating pieces from 30+ artists ranging from the furniture and plant pieces that were used to decorate the spacious building, to the intense and fascinating sculptures and paintings that dazzled the hallways. It was a beautiful sight, to say the least.

Founder and curator of Black Buddha Creative Agency, India Lovejoy, worked along with Robert Hodge, an artist who has gained much traction in Houston, to create an art gallery, Collect it for the Culture III. [To the left: India Lovejoy and Robert Hodge/ Photo credit: Emmile C.Browne]

Since 2017, India has provided a variety of resources to artists by way of Black Buddha Creative Agency, working with artists who have a strong creative vision, but need structure to be paired with that vision to execute it with quality. In 2018 Lovejoy launched her first gallery as an introduction to a series she was calling Alt. (alternative) Space Art Collecting. This would be a series of 6 shows all highlighting different aspects of art collecting, one being Collect it for the culture with Robert Hodge.

“Robert understood what the message was which was intersecting different cultures and educating them about buying art and collecting art, and also supporting a local economy.” The duo has been working as partners on this show for 4 years. “It has been a journey,” expresses a tired India Lovejoy. Rightfully so, after 4 months of solidifying the location and 3 months going on 2 years of beginning the processes and planning, Collect it for the Culture III has ignited an interest in the passion of art and art collecting. [To the Right: Artist is Colby Deal]

According to India, this gallery has always had good feedback and people weren’t hesitant on giving out accolades, one of the reasons being that is an independent production. This created much room for both her and Robert to take complete creative control. “When you put your faith behind the artist and your endorsement behind the art something really special happens.” She speaks on what doing this show has taught her,” Houston wants to work together... But there’s just really not enough opportunities for this many people to work together in such a collaborative way.” [To the Left: Artist is Romeo Robinson]

After experiencing the show and the after-effects of creative collaboration, inspiration is one of the multiple things people have gained from this show. There was a sense of community, people from different creative backgrounds and parts of Houston enjoying these pieces from artists who deserve to have a platform. It was fascinating to witness and wonderful to be around. The Duo has done it again, looking forward to seeing what magic Robert Hodge and India Lovejoy create in the future. [To the Right: India Lovejoy and Robert Hodge/ Photo credits: Emmile C. Browne]

- Written by: Jayhlinmichele

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