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Updated: Mar 9, 2022

To celebrate black history month on Saturday, February 19, 2022, during our monthly distribution provided by Bread of Life inc., Amazing 102.5 FM hosted a radiothon entitled B(L)ack in Business. It was aimed at providing a great deal of visibility for black-owned businesses in the community. These are the elements of the overall message at Bread of life inc. Creating change and uplifting the community. There was a multitude of replies and an amazing outcome, all puns intended in an effort to be a part of this message. It's infectious, to be able to uplift hard-working, passionate people and see what that can grow into. These individuals and teams have put their hearts and souls into each craft they partake in and we are excited to share that with you.

First, we would like to start off by giving thanks to our newest supporters, ENGIE. The success of our radiothon was due in part to this renewable company. They focus on renewable energy and low carbon distributed energy infrastructures, ENGIE helps its clients to achieve their decarbonization targets. Through their industrial approach and corporate purpose, they are in the position to build a low-carbon energy system of the future and meet the challenges of climate change.

ENGIE volunteered their time to our assembly line along with providing administrative duties and a welcoming committee to our guests. ENGIE, we thank you.

For more information about ENGIE, please click the link below:

Below, find more information about the #BlackOwnedBusiness Owners that took part in our radiothon.


What does it mean to be a dynamic dad? To all of the fathers of the world, this may be a question you ask. That is where COOL DAD jumps in! It all started with two dads that were passionate about the non-profit sector and wanted to build a community of dynamic dads. Cool Dad's mission is to have a major influence, specifically on men of color to become physically and emotionally present fathers. "We strive to be living, breathing examples for all men in the community, and provide necessary resources for becoming a dynamic dad."

2) S. M. I. L. E.

We could all use a little smile every once in a while, and while I'm sure this non-profit organization offers plenty of those, they are even more than that.

Smart Men in Leadership Excellence is a non-profit organization, founded in 2019. Their Mission is to educate, empower, encourage, inspire and mentor minority young men ages 8-18. S.M.I.L.E is working hard to help young men reach their fullest potential, and eliminate the percentage of black men's deaths due to an array of things. "We've consistently grown thanks to the helping hands of this amazing community."

3) The Anderson Law Group

In need of legal advice or help with dissecting heavy verbiage, that is where this law firm comes into play. The Anderson Law Group, PLLC, is a practice that was started 21 years ago by a mompreneur known as CeCe, taking on multiple hats throughout her journey.

This all-female firm offers multiple services as far as helping to plan for your estate, multitudes of legal advice, ways to strengthen your small business, and many more.

4) Chasing The Empire

David and Jessica Martin are serial entrepreneurs who co-operate "Empire You LLC," a multi-million dollar credit repair company here in Houston. Aside from offering credit repair, their branch " Dr. Martin Transport LLC, is a highly successful, family-owned, and operated trucking company in the greater Texas area. Through philanthropic contribution, they educate and empower their community by providing access to credit repair and wealth-building resources.

5) Amor Purus

Amor Purus is a group residential operation home for boys between the ages of 5 to 13. They provide shelter and help for boys facing many challenges.

Founder, Tiona Mobley, decided to open this group home after adopting her two sets of brothers so that they could stay together. After noticing their traumas and the ways that she could show the boys love, she knew that this is what God called her to do. "I want to continue the assignment that God has given to me, and be able to bless other boys through Amor Purus group home." Amor Purus. Pure love.

6) 100 Black Men Htx

The 100 Black Men of Metropolitan Houston enhances educational and economic opportunities for black boys and young men, grades 6-12, through mentorship and community service. More than 50 young men engaged virtually and in-person by some of Houston's most influential black men. "we are real men giving real time to young black men in the Houston area.

7) CETTE 3

B(L)ack in Business was all about uplifting black voices. We had multitudes of businesses come and artists as well. One being CETTE 3. Twins, Taneeyah(Tee) and Meniyah(Niyah), and sister, Krislyn(Krissy), make up this singing trio. Although their group is fairly new, these three have been in the entertainment industry basically all of their lives. From dancing in their earlier years to building an Instagram following up to 2 years ago, these sisters have been building a name for themselves over time, and what a name it is. Their talents and hard work have made them one of the hottest rising groups!



Cedricka is a talented Nashville-based r&b, pop artist, fashion designer, and songwriter. Talent and hard work are two combinations this multi-faceted artist has known her whole life. The artist is rising to the top and bringing a unique perspective to love, life, and music. "Don't let anyone or anything dim your light."

9) Shacolby Shentell Entertainment

A woman of many talents, Shacolby Shentell has worked to create a network of dynamic acting, screenwriting, directing, and many other attributions. This award-winning filmmaker, actress, director, and playwright has used her talents and networking to bring together other local creatives in making magic. She is expanding the film scene here in Houston with the use of cooperation and creativity.

We appreciate those who came to be a part of this year's Radiothon, here at amazing. You guys are all showing us how capable people can be once they put their minds to whatever goals and aspirations they might have.

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