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4 EYE Catching Black Designers To Keep On Your Radar

In today's time, social media has been a large deciding factor when it comes to fashion. Trends often overtake originality, but originality is taking a stand with new designers creating art through their designs.

It's easy to create a large following and get a lot of likes, but likes and followers mean nothing if there is no spice, character, or personality. Today I am highlighting four designers that bring those aspects into fashion. These black designers have caught my eye and I'm sure they'll do even more for you fashion lovers. Take notes and enjoy!

1) E.R.A Vintage

This Every day repurposed apparel brand brings an array of character to what is vintage/ repurposed clothing. With less than average designs and vibrant colors, each piece you see catches your eye and definitely speaks volumes of personality beyond words. With handpicked vintage pieces and inspired items, Saida Carter, founder of E.R.A Vintage is doing her part to reduce waste with sustainable fashion.

2) AYoung Designs

Looking for vibrant colors, funky designs, and clothing that is made special for you? I mean who wouldn't be looking for that, this designer, AYoung brings that to the table and even more. Adriano creates custom pieces for both men and women, experimenting with different designs ranging from animal print, to flowers, and playing around with fabrics. In his most recent showcase he teases hints of silk statements, swimwear, and animal print. The designs were sexy, simple, staple pieces that paired together well with the women and men modeling and brought color into the room.

3) Kymareo

Sophisticated fashion is what I call it , the fashion designer and seamstress, Kymareo has the ability to bring both dramatics and sophistication into her work. In her most recent showcase, models wore an array of gowns. The designer has the ability to transform the traditional gown we see for evening wear, into a piece that has far more character and individualism. Further than gowns, she has the ability to add a new look to fashion with the mixtures of tool, silk, feathers, and prints.

4) House of Buke

Curated to "enhance confidence, accessorize your natural beauty and embrace your family," Krystal Obasa, CEO of House of Buke, is bringing a bit of her home to us. With authentic garments created by Krystal herself and custom made in Nigeria, her clothing brings a light and vibrant aura into the room. This of course reflects the lovely designer and her passion towards sharing. a bit of love and confidence through her clothing. The designs are beautiful and differing in designs and colors, they are truly a gem to see.

All of these amazing designers and curators bring something new, and authentic to the table. They make use of vibrant colors, designs, patters, and cuts to create a character out of each piece, that is why you need to keep your eye out for these talented individuals! Let me know of any other talents you want to know more about, until next time, peace and blessings.

- JayhlinMichele

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